Wedding Dress Trends

While our expertise at The Iroquois Club lies in planning the perfect wedding,  we miss out on one of the best parts of the pre-wedding preparation: wedding dress shopping! While we won’t be with you while you peruse the aisles of dresses to walk down the aisle in, keep our favorite 2019 wedding trends in mind (and bring pics to our next meeting!).


Untraditional bride? A bridal jumpsuit or pantsuit is the perfect option for you. They aren’t as restricting as a full ball gown, and they are extremely chic. If you do want a traditional wedding gown for the ceremony, you can always opt for a costume change. Jumpsuits or rompers make for perfect dancing attire.

Something Classic

You can’t go wrong with the classics. To liven this dress up, add some statement jewelry like a bold necklace, earrings or bracelets. Though not many people will see your shoes, complement this dress with a killer pair of shoes (maybe an electric blue pump to knock out your “something blue”).


High-low wedding dresses are another fun alternative to a traditional ball gown. This kind of dress would be perfect for any spring or summer weddings! If showing off your shoes is important to you, this dress is your perfect mate.


Bows are a wedding dress staple, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (but they are getting bigger, and we are here for it).  Even though they are typically associated with femininity, a bigger bow done right can lend itself to an edgier look.

Intricate Details

Intricate beading and details go gorgeously with aglam wedding. Fair warning: heavily beaded dresses can be, you guessed it, heavy.  Make sure your dress fits with your anticipated level of activity during your wedding (i.e. if you’re planning to Daisy Buchanan it on a fainting couch all night long, a super intricate dress makes for the perfect frock).

Deanna Reyes