Untraditional Wedding Ideas

At The Iroquois Club, bringing couples’ visions to life for one of the most memorable days of their lives is our favorite part of the job! Each couple has their own unique style that shines through, and we absolutely adore helping that style come to life. While we never tire of romantic roses and proper tuxedos, our creative interest is piqued when a couple wants to diverge from the nuptial norm. If you’re looking to incorporate nontraditional elements into your Metro Detroit wedding, we’re sharing some ideas that we’re head over heels in love with.

Non-White Wedding Dress

And the bride wore... green? Take a look at the bride above wearing a gorgeous emerald dress. Even without the ceremonial white gown, this woman looks every inch the blushing bride. If you still want to incorporate white into your wedding, take a page from her book and have your bridesmaids wear white. 

Getting creative with color doesn’t just apply to brides either! We love fun outfits for grooms as well. From colored suits and unique bow ties to vests and printed collared shirts, like the groom above, there are plenty of ways for grooms to step outside of the box.

Ceremony Backdrop

Instead of a ceremony arch, why not go for a backdrop? Not only do you have more space to work with but it also acts as the perfect background for photos after the ceremony! If you’ve ever dreamt of a wall of flowers, but didn’t have a proper occasion for such a statement piece, this is definitely an idea for you. Your guests’ Instagram game will certainly benefit from this as well. 

Seating Chart

Seating charts are an easy thing to spruce up, especially if you’re on a budget (since these can be a fun DIY project). We like the mirror idea above from Green Wedding Shoes. Make it your own by finding old or vintage mirrors, writing the table numbers and guests’ names with wipe-board markers, and hanging them up! You’ll also be able to reuse the mirrors after the wedding.


Cakes are a traditional part of weddings; however, they don’t have to look traditional! We love this Ethiopian basket weaving-inspired cake from Sweet Heather Anne, an Ann Arbor-based cake studio (it almost looks too pretty to eat). 

If you want to skip out on the cake completely, there are plenty of other delicious options! Have you ever thought about a donut wall like this Michigan couple did for their fall wedding at The Iroquois Club? This also makes it easier for your guests to enjoy the dessert at their leisure (no waiting around for the cake to be served).

Deanna Reyes