Planning a Corporate Event

At the Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, we welcome business events that range from traditional (audio/visual equipment enabled) to business casual (DJ and open bar? No problem).   If you’re looking to plan a corporate event at The Iroquois Club, we would love to help you bring your company’s event to life.

The Beginning Stages

When you first start planning a corporate event, there are some basics to be covered.

Set a budget. The most important step when planning an event is to set a budget, though that will likely be decided for you by your company or your department’s yearly budget.

Pick a theme. We aren’t suggesting your corporate retreat rock a boho chic vibe, but, yes, business events can still benefit from general themes.  Themes ensure that everything will be cohesive and on brand. This will also be the driving factor in the menu, dress code, decorations and other details.

Decide on entertainment. Depending on the nature and length of your corporate event, you may want to arrange for some sort of entertainment. Most business events include music, whether it be from an actual DJ or via laptop. Looking for something unique? A hypnotist or dueling pianos are memorable ways to get the audience involved. An engaged audience is always a better audience.

If you’re in need of vendors, we are more than happy to refer you to companies we have worked with in the past.

One Month Out

The closer you get to your event, the more details you will need to solidify.

Send out invitations. Depending on the nature of the event, the invitations can be as informal as an email or as involved as a printed card; either way, this is an important step if you’re  requesting RSVPs. While some people think RSVPs are outdated, they’re very helpful when determining how much food you’ll need to order.

Decide on the menu. At the Iroquois Club, we have a few different event menu options: Appetizer Buffet, Strolling Appetizers, Entrees, or Entree Buffet. We have a variety of beef, wild game, seafood, chicken and vegetarian options. Click here to learn more about our menus. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to email us with your corporate event questions!

Set an agenda. Will there be presentations? Are you carving out time for a sit-down meal? Setting an agenda will ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you will be presenting, we have a 34” HDTV flat screen with built-in DVD player, Lexi-Pro computer projection unit, Sony Vaio computer, digital and laser pointing devices, Wi-Fi hotspot, and portable and lapel-clip microphones.

One Week Out

It’s time to finalize the details and make sure everything is in order.

Create a floor plan and seating arrangement. Not only will a floor plan and seating arrangement help you stay organized (even if it’s just a rough drawing), this will also help us create a spectacular event for you. This is important even if you don’t plan to have assigned seating.  We still need to be aware of capacity and make sure there are seats for everyone (if necessary).

Final checks. It’s important to do a final check. Confirm that all vendors know when to arrive. We’ll need a final head count to adequately prepare for food and beverages. We will also want to know if you or anyone else will be coming early to set up presentations or decor.

Post Event

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean your job is done!

Send thank you notes. Send a quick thank you email to all those who attended and include any links to photos/videos, presentations, as well as any other important messaging they’ll need.

Share pictures and videos on social media. Everyone can benefit from promoting their company on social media, and what better content to share than photos and videos from a fun event? You will also want to encourage attendees to share any photos they have on their social media pages, tagging your company in the process!

Deanna Reyes