Picking a Wedding Date

It seems like the first thing anyone asks you after you tell them you’re engaged is, “When’s the big day?” Of course, this is typically the first step toward planning your wedding you’ll take after getting engaged; however, it might not be as easy as you’d think to pick the date you’ll be marrying the love of your life. We’re sharing some tips that will help the selection process move along easier.

Do some planning

Before you start touring venues and narrowing down which dates work best, do some planning. You’ll want to determine who will be contributing (if anyone other than you and your partner), establish a budget, and estimate a guest count.  It’s also helpful to have a rough idea of how long you’d like the wedding planning process to be (some people prefer long engagements, while others can’t get down that aisle fast enough). Plus, identify if there are any absolute must-have, deal-breakers (if your heart is set on a ceremony at your childhood church then you’re really confined to dates they have available… and that’s perfectly fine!).  You may also want to consider any dates that will be no-gos for close family members and the wedding party. From there you can compile a list of local venues you want to start touring.

Don’t lock yourself in

Having a dead-locked wedding date before you start touring venues can limit your choices.  Some people may consider that a good thing, but it could cause strife for other couples who love a venue but can’t make it work with their dead-locked date.  At the Iroquois Club, we always recommend that you set a range of wedding dates that would suit you. A rule of thumb is to figure out the year then the season. This narrows down your window while allowing some wiggle room.

Touring venues

Once you’ve begun touring venues, ask for available dates in your timeframe. Select your top dates and talk them over with anyone who is playing an important role in the wedding (wedding party, family, etc.). 

If you’re interested in The Iroquois Club for your big day, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love meeting with couples to discuss dates, themes, event logistics and wedding details. You can also check out examples of past weddings on our Instagram.

The hard part is over!

Once you’ve talked over the dates with the key players in your wedding, it’s time to lock down the date and venue. After solidifying those two key details, you can send out your save-the-dates (and appease everyone who won’t stop asking when the big day is).

Deanna Reyes