Picking a Wedding Hairstyle

Picking a wedding hairstyle for the day known as the “biggest day of your life” is a tough decision. You have spent so much time and effort picking out the perfect wedding dress and accessories, so you want to give just as much consideration to your hairstyle.  

Be Open to Different Ideas

Have you ever loved a haircut or hairstyle on a model or in a magazine, but when you tried it for yourself, it just didn’t work?  Join the club. Keep this in mind as you peruse magazines for wedding hair inspiration. It’s hard to tell what is going to work until you have the full picture (hair, makeup, dress).  Conversely, you may be surprised by what ends up working with your entire wedding day look, so don’t shut down ideas that you’d normally shy away from. 

The Dress Decides

Let your dress be your guide.  A formal gown with very casual hair might not mesh.  A beachy frock with a formal updo doesn’t jive. Whether you want to draw attention to certain features will also help you decide if you should put your hair up or allow it hang loose; if your dress is strapless or backless, long hair may help cover some skin.  But if you are rocking a sweetheart neckline and want to draw attention to your decolletage, by all means, don a minimalist updo to keep the attention right where you want it. 

Consider Your Wedding Setting(s) and Hair Type

Will your wedding be on a sandy beach, in a family member’s backyard, or at a reception hall, like the Iroquois Club? While style of venue is important, we consider the setting more so to determine how much weather we’ll have to compete with.  Outside in humidity makes a big difference. Potential for rain plays a role. A chance of strong winds affects our choices. How your hair reacts to the various conditions you might encounter should make your wedding hairstyle choices pretty clear.  If it’s going to be hot and humid, and your hair is prone to frizz, an all-up ‘do is better than loose waves. If your hair won’t hold a curl, think braids rather than ringlets. Talk to your hairstylist about these factors when you are experimenting with styles. 

Don’t Forget Your Headpiece

Are you pairing your dress with a veil, tiara, or flower crown for your nuptials? This piece will influence which hairdo looks most fitting. Veils are the most versatile wedding headpiece, so you will have more flexibility in picking your hairstyle. On the other hand, flower crowns are great accessories for a more relaxed look, like soft curls or waves. Whichever accessory you choose, bring it with you to your hair trial run so your stylist can work with it before your big day. 

Do a Trial Run

In case we haven’t been clear enough: hair trials are a must! Ask your stylist to put your headpiece in, so you can see if it works well together. When you get home, try on your dress with your finished hair to see if the whole look works together. Going through a practice run will allow you to rest assured that when your wedding day finally arrives that you won’t be stressed about how your hair looks.

Deanna Reyes