Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is our favorite time of the year! Aside from the gorgeous Michigan weather, it’s our busy season for weddings. Since we’ve seen our fair share of summer weddings, we’re highlighting some of our favorite ideas to incorporate for a memorable day.

Ice Cream

After a long, hot night of dancing, what’s better than cooling off with ice cream? One couple brought Coldstone Creamery to the Iroquois Club! The new Mr. and Mrs. even got the chance to serve up some scoops themselves (though we were happy to help), and it was a huge hit. Guests can choose their own flavors and toppings to create their perfect concoction.

Naked Cake

Skip the big, overdone cake for your wedding.  Instead, go for a naked cake. It’s equally as delicious, but it’s lighter and--bonus--you won’t have to worry about major melting. If you’re not a frosting fan at all, you can choose a naked cake that’s filled with fruit and isn’t frosted on the outside (like a strawberry shortcake).

Sparkler Send-Off

Sparkler send-offs have become extremely popular over the past few years for all the obvious reasons. They create a gorgeous photo opp and can replace the traditional rice-throwing that’s been known to cause a slip and fall accident or two.

Flower Crown

Summer is the perfect time to rock a flower crown! These floral headpieces are a great way to incorporate more color into your bridal look. These can be made with fresh or fake flowers (try drying a real floral crown as a memento; save your fake flower crown for every upcoming costume opportunity). Don’t want to wear it the whole day? Swap out your veil for a flower crown for the reception.

Light Cocktails

Need help picking out a signature cocktail? How about something light and refreshing? Bases like champagne, prosecco or soda pair well with mixers like lemonade and other fruit juices. Don’t be afraid to get creative with edible flower petals or even frozen cocktails.  Frose, anyone?

Deanna Reyes