Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can be wasteful, and if you’re trying to live a greener lifestyle, that probably doesn’t sit well with you. Luckily, it is incredibly simple to make choices that will have you hosting an enviro-friendly wedding in no time.

Rent Your Decor

At The Iroquois Club, you’ll be happy knowing tables and chairs, linens, napkins, and tableware are all included in our packages, so you won’t have to shed extra dollars for these items or worry about what to do with them afterwards. For anything we don’t provide, consider renting. This goes for extra decor pieces, lighting, etc. Event designers are incredibly helpful in this department as they can often source items that most people wouldn’t think to rent or wouldn’t be able to find.

Use Local Flowers

As we’re gearing up for spring and summer in Michigan, there will be a plethora of gorgeous, locally-grown flowers to choose from for arrangements and bouquets. Do you or someone in your wedding party have an eye for floral arrangements? Have some fun with this and head to a local farmer’s or flower market (we’re partial to Eastern Market) to pick up your own blooms. If you’re not sure what to do with the flowers after the wedding, they make great favors for the wedding party, family members and even your vendors!  Oftentimes, nursing homes will accept floral arrangements to display for their residents, too. So if you want to spread your wedding bliss with strangers, call a few local places to see if they’re interested.

Treats as Favors

Who wouldn’t want a tasty treat to bring home after a long night of dancing? This is a more sustainable option than giving out trinkets (which can get left behind or people just might not want them). Plus, if people do leave the edible favors, you can always give extras to your wedding party or vendors (or keep them for yourself).

Register With Intent

When starting your wedding registry, picking out eco-friendly and sustainable items is key. It’s easy to find these items no matter where you’re registering, just make sure to do your research. Some ideas include items made with recycled materials and homeware you can reuse (a French press for coffee as opposed to a Keurig, reusable straws, cloth napkins, etc.). If you’re not interested in receiving a bunch of items you’re not even sure you’ll need, you can always have guests contribute to a honeymoon registry, so you get to enjoy experiences rather than stuff.

Deanna Reyes