It's impossible to have a good event without a good plan. Nothing should be left to chance and nothing should be assumed. You don't have to think of everything, however, we do. We're here to listen, understand, guide, support, and take the stress out of what is a very important day in your life. It is our philosophy and customer service that set us apart so much from our competitors. To us, there is nothing more important than an event. Yours.

  Our Event Planning Process leaves nothing to chance. Our planners take their time and listen. And ask questions. And listen. And ask more questions. The purpose of the process is to reach a clear understanding of what you are looking for and what you want, and don't want to happen at your event. This requires that our planners are empathetic, intuitive and service-oriented. We also have accumulated a tremendous amount of resources, contacts, connections and more, that we willingly put at your disposal. By the end of the planning process, your worries (other than the weather) will be gone, your spirits will be lifted and you'll be able to relax and enjoy your event instead of fret about it.

  Many have applied. Only a few have been chosen. Our Event Planners and Managers are a select group. They represent the best of our combined 300 person organization. The best of the best, if you will. Yet these full-time professionals are at your service... at your beck & call. They will not rest until your event has been completed and you have pronounced your approval. This close-knit and veteran staff (who have worked together in various capacities for a number of years) include:

Katelyn Bojanzyk - Director of Sales & Catering.  Katelyn started with our company in 2009 quickly moved up because of her enthusiastic and determined attitude. She is experienced and Customer-focused. Katelyn excels in all aspects of the hospitality industry, making her an excellent event manager. Her attention to detail and friendly demeanor guarantee memorable events and leave guests very impressed with their Iroquois Club experience. You can reach Katelyn by calling (248) 451-9653 or via email at

Tanya Coudret - Event Manager.  Tanya started with our company in 1991 at The Moose Preserve then Camp Ticonderoga. Her experience and expertise promoted her to be the General Manager of Camp Ticonderoga, making her a great asset to the company. She is dedicated, organized and passionate about her work. Tanya is the perfect person to coordinate even the most detailed events. Tanya's friendly demeanor and her outgoing, energetic personality will make you and your guests feel right at home. You can reach Tanya by calling 248-451-9653 or via email at

Lisa O'Shea - Event Manager.  Lisa has been with our company for over 25 years. She has a hands-on approach that always makes the clients feel right at home. She holds a Marketing & Management degree after attending Schoolcraft College and Oakland University. She loves challenges and is dedicated to her job. Her expertise and experience helped us open several of our restaurants, including The Moose Preserve, Camp Ticonderoga, & The Iroquois Club. You can contact Lisa by calling 248-451-9653 or via email at

Nikki Knisley - Event Manager.  Nikki started with our company in 2013. Nikki has a fresh and experienced mindset that customers always love. She loves the challenges she faces and having the opportunity to meet many different people. Her hard work, experience and dedication expedited her in becoming part of our management team. You will find Nikki to be present and available without her becoming intrusive. You can reach Nikki by calling 248-451-9653.