Carefully and meticulously designed to be substantial yet flexible; refined and elegant yet comfortable; and graceful yet striking, The Iroquois Club thoughtfully combines all-natural materials with refined finished materials along with commissioned artwork and unique architectural elements that result in a unique and special place - unlike any other in metro Detroit.

  The exterior has a spacious and striking portico that provides comfort and convenience for everyone in your party. An expansive, well-lit parking lot, with optional valet-parking starts your event hassle-free. The outside walls artfully combine brick, stone and Michigan hard-wood in a completely complimentary fashion. Thoughtfully landscaped to coincide with the Michigan seasons, your guests will be visually pleased with your choice of The Iroquois Club.

  With massive stone columns creating the atmosphere leading you into The Iroquois Club, as you cross through the custom hard-wood doors, you'll notice the fine craftsmanship that went into their construction. With a color palette of chocolate, gold, rust and ivory, The Iroquois Club is able to provide a luxurious setting, without contrasting with your party theme or colors. Upon entering The Iroquois Club, there is a foyer and hallway that can be used for casual gathering prior to or during a party. An optional coat check is conveniently available.

Great Room
  The natural focal point in the main dining room is the massive Wisconsin ledge-rock fireplace. With dramatic cathedral ceilings topped by hard-wood beams, the main room is a dramatic compliment to the natural materials and colors used throughout The Iroquois Club. The cathedral ceilings are enhanced by one-of-a-kind Appalachian Mountain cast-iron trusses that were used in the construction process. Custom-made mission-style chandeliers, along with the large picture window provide an outstanding setting, whatever the time of day or the occasion may be.

Prairie Rooms
  The Prairie Rooms, which are two smaller meeting rooms, can be separated from the main dining room with well-concealed wall-dividers that have been custom designed for enhanced sound protection, without sacrificing looks. Additionally, these walls can be used either for projection surfaces or adorned with commissioned artwork (enhancing the feel of a private meeting room versus the all-too-typical large hotel bland feeling). Each Prairie room can seat 32 and they can also be combined into one room comfortably seating up to 64.

Architectural Details
  There are many distinctive and interesting features inside The Iroquois Club. They include the Michigan White Birch shadow box just inside the front doors; the carefully concealed divider walls; the well-hidden storage nooks; the state-of-the-art AV equipment; display cornices and more. A particularly useful feature for a banquet facility in the Car Capital of the World, is the ability to drive a car into the building for display purposes.

  Often an after-thought in building design, restrooms should provide just that - a place for rest and relaxation. With that in mind, The Iroquois Club restrooms (particularly the Women's Restroom), while obviously functionally useful, were designed to provide an often much-needed respite. The restrooms are well-lit, have comfortable seating, classic fixtures and, above all, white-glove cleanliness. We've found that not only are our restrooms a comfortable and enjoyable sanctuary - they are so visually appealing that they are often used as a photographic backdrop opportunity.

  The Iroquois Club has all of the amenities you would expect from an up-scale, new banquet facility. These include A-V, 44" flat-screen HD TV/DVD, business presentation materials, gourmet food display stations, custom wood podium, USA and State of Michigan flags, available Valet parking service, etc.