Flexible, accommodating, attention to detail. While that philosophy embodies what The Iroquois Club is all about, more importantly it also describes the qualities that someone must possess to work at The Iroquois Club. Given the wide range of events held at The Iroquois Club, the staff must be professional, impeccable and cultivate the ability to be seen when needed by the customer, yet part of the background when not. Additionally, fine dining service protocol is the rule of the day, regardless of the type of event being hosted. If you are that rare individual who has high personal standards, is professional and service-oriented, then you'll be perfect working at The Iroquois Club. Staff work hours and schedules, like the banquet and catering business, are varied and demanding and an employee of the Iroquois Club must mirror the needs of the business.

  Compensation and benefits are competitive. Having been in the hospitality industry for more than 23 years, and with almost 300 current employees, we believe that we are an organization that treats people fairly, with respect and consideration, and rewards amply for performance and results. Servers are all TIPS trained by our on-staff certified TIPS trainer.

  If you think working for such a company and a fine banquet and catering business such as The Iroquois Club is for you, please stop by either The Iroquois Club or The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill (located adjacent to The Iroquois Club) during normal business hours to complete an application.

  The Great American Grubslingers, The Iroquois Club, The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill, Camp Ticonderoga, Beaver Creek Tackle & Beer, Deadwood Bar & Grill and their affiliates, are all equal opportunity employers and do not discriminate in our hiring practices. Every server of alcoholic beverages is TIPS-trained (at our expense) by our in-house TIPS trainer and we take customer service, responsible consumption of alcohol and community responsibility very seriously. We've been in business since 1986 and have been able to do so, largely because of the talents, responsibility and reliability of our employees.